new YTL curriculum

All new YTL curriculum is 80% ready!

Dear Praying Friends,

In the past 22 years over half a million students had been in classrooms where educators have used the YTL curriculum teaching them about building healthy relationships, finding meaning in life, waiting with sex until marriage and communicating the gospel. Over 8,000 educators had been trained in Hungary over week-end-long educators's symposiums on how to use this curriculum. This opened doors for us to launch student ministries and get directly into the classrooms. By now it's an accredited, multifaceted educational program that helps us to communicate the gospel in a bold, clear and authentic way. The new YTL curriculum is a 3 volumes, 700 pages long curriculum for educators to help prepare young people for emotional, relational and spiritual healthy adulthood and family life.

The new YTL curriculum has:

  • 48 classroom lecutres,
  • 18 reading assignments,
  • 3 game-collections
  • one gospel movie.

Above on this mosaic picture you can see some of the topics covered by the YTL curriculum. In the past year I had been working on rewriting the whole YTL curriculum. Now it's is 80% ready. 

How to pray for this project?

  1. I'm not only rewriting, but editing this massive work AND, I'm doing the design, typesetting, preparing for printing, the website and media part, too. So it's  not only a writing-editing project for me, but a massive digital, design, printing work, too. 
  2. The deadline is to send the books to the printer by the end of August. It's not impossible to finish, but there are still much to go.
  3. We would like to get that into English as now many other countries are using YTL already and would like to use the new curriculum. We need to find a good translator.