25 years - A "Psalm" of Gabor and Edina

Dear Praying Friends,

On July 6th, 1991, Edina and I started a journey. A journey we’ve never thought would lead to where we are now. A journey where we saw miracles, where we saw God doing things way beyond our dreams, where He has stretched our faith more then we wanted to, where He has brought wonderful people, friends, prayer-warriors, supporters along the way. As we’ve went away for 2 days to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve looked back to the journey with our hearts being overwhelmed with thanksgiving. We are encouraged in many of the Psalms to remember His great works and tell it to the upcoming generations. We've decided to write a "psalm" of our own as a remembrance for the past 25 years. (It’s a great spiritual exercise for you to do, too.) As you were and are a huge part of the unbelievable miracles God did as we saw Him dismantling the Iron Curtain and spreading the gospel through the education domain using YTL, and as you were and are also a caring friend of our family, we wanted to share with you our “Psalm” we wrote as a celebration for His faithfulness. God deserves that we recall His great works! We hope you'll find it encouraging as you were and are a HUGE part of everything God did in the past 25 years. Please, know HOW THANKFUL WE ARE FOR YOU that God has used YOU in such a significant way in our life and in the lives of the millions who had been touched through this ministry! Here is our "Psalm":

Gresz's 25th Anniversary Psalm:

Gabor writes:

You, my God, have saved my life after my birth and sent a doctor unexpected
You are the all powerful Provider
You have saved my life during many sickness that threatened my life
You are the all merciful Healer
You have rescued me from the evil hands of my father
You are the all compassionate Father

Gabor and Edina writes:

You have surrounded us with wonderful teachers of your Word who have cared for us
You are the ultimate wise Teacher
You have built us up from our ruins
You are the grand Designer
You have healed our many wounds we’ve brought from our upbringing 

You are the caring Wound-Bounder
You took us way beyond our limits and borders
You are the limitless Source of Power

You were faithful when we were left alone
You are the Friend of the Lonely
You have changed the course of history
You are the Ruler of the nations

You have opened the doors for the gospel where before it was impossible to mention your name, 
You cut through the bars of iron and break through the gates of bronze
You have allowed us to develop YTL and led us to unimaginable territories and unknown countries, 
You are the Road-Builder who make paths for the gospel where nobody went before
You brought our ministry out from the huge financial deficit
You are the Owner of everything
You have protected us during the many legal changes and challenges caused by corrupt and evil governments
You are the King of kings and the Ruler of the rule makers.
You have raised up an army of laborers for your work, 
You are the Lord of the Harvest.

You have healed our daughter, Ráhel, in the womb of her mother, while the doctors wanted to abort her; You have given her a brilliant mind while every medical projection said she will be mentally retarded
You are the One who forms us in the darkness.
You have saved the life of Renátó when he was born almost dead, and for weeks it looked like he won’t survive,
Your touch is healing the tiny.
You have healed our youngest, Gergő from his tumor and from many other diseases, 
You are the one who guides us to the right resources.
You have wiped away our many tears we’ve shed in the ugly communist hospitals spending countless nights in the ugly, horrible, communist hospitals sitting next to a sick child
You are our gentle Comforter.
You guide our children and protect them, 
You are faithful to all generations.

You provided homes and food from the nothing, while we were busy advancing Your Kingdom
You are the Source of everything we need.
You gave wisdom and courage for us to lead when everything in the ministry seemed hopeless and has collapsed
You are the Overcomer who conquered over our fears.
You have tripled the number of laborers for your Kingdom, and allowed us to find favor so we could spread the gospel to millions
You are the Lord of the Harvest.

You gave partners and friends on the journey from other nations, too
You allowed me to experience your caring love through your global church.
You gave us wonderful life partner, us to each other, to lift each other
You satisfy all our needs.

You taught us on which way to go, you have advised us through your Spirit, through your Word and through Council of others, 
You are our Teacher and our Guide.
You gave us faith and courage to make hard decisions, step out in faith and risk everything we have, ever had and ever had been, not seeking popularity, but only seeking Your smile
You are the Stone that we stand on, You are our Security.

You have led us through storms, through deep waters, through painful losses and disappointments, through loneliness of hard decisions, through underserved beatings, yet You have allowed us to see thousands coming to You, hundreds joining Your mission, miracles of your healing power and providing love!
You, oh God, deserve all praises!


  1. Hundreds of kids came to the "SpeakOut" camp. We've sent a mission team from the central location of Keszthely to 4 different locations: to Albania, to Poland, to India and to another Hungarian city, to share the gospel. Pray for safety and successful ways to share the gospel with the thousands we will have a chance to meet with personally.
  2. Our boys, Renato and Gergo are at the "SpeakOut" camp as campers. We hope this will help them grow in their faith.
  3. The all-new YTL curriculum is about 95% ready! Incredible progress we made! A little more needs to be done and we can send it to the printer to be ready for the all-new YTL SYMPOSIUM for educators in October!
  4. Our annual staff conference is coming up at the end of August. Gabor will be the keynote speaker. Much to prepare for! Pray for wisdom, a godly message to the staff. We'll have 50 staff there who all are serving in Hungary full-time with YTL (Hungarian Cru).