Two new staff joined and YTL's new opportunities

It's often underestimated the effort it takes to raise up laborers. Usually it takes 5-10 years of intentional investment into a new believer, discipling them, nurturing them, teaching them, putting them into the right environment before we arrive to the conclusion that they should be challenged to become full-time missionaries. Year after year we are blessed to see new graduating students deciding to join our staff. Regardless how intentional we are about telling them what it takes to be in full-time ministry, God keeps raising them up. This year there were 5 young person applied to be on staff with YTL, CRU Hungary, but we've only accepted two, because we saw that they are the ones who qualifies. Also, we will have 5 new short-term missionaries joining to our team from this fall. It means that our full-time manpower will grow to 48 full-time missionaries. This is a tremendous growth we are blessed with. On the picture above on the left you see Miri, who is one of the new staff we accepted with her fiancé, David who is on our staff already. On the picture on the right you see Gerda (with Edina). Both of these young ladies are proved themselves to be faithful, teachable and able to lead students. We are thankful to see them. Pray for them as they raise their support that God would provide abundantly.

YTL at Karoli University

God opened the door for us to teach YTL as an accredited training for educators. Educators can get credits for their ongoing training if they take part at our training. This Friday was the first day of the training. I had the opportunity to share Christ with all the participants through teaching about Emotional Intelligence. It's amazing how every topic and discussion can lead to the gospel. Several educators at end of my morning lectures came up to me and shared how meaningful it was for them personally and not only professionally. I already got an email asking us to speak at a school on the danger of internet pornography. That's a great topic I like to address because I have a direct connection to speak about dignity, God's plan and restoration.

Come and serve with us for a week!

Do you want to help reach high school and college students? Do you want to help reach educators? Are you willing to give up a week for that this fall? Come and help us! For more details visit: 


  1. God has great plans for the future. We know it because we are constantly under huge spiritual attacks. Pray that God would give us wisdom, peace and His supernatural provision. We have plans to travel to the U.S. this summer for a month, but we don't know anything when can we travel and how our summer will look like. There are visa issues involved and many other details.
  2. "SpeakOut Camp" will take place in the month of July. We plan to send a team to India to explore missional opportunities there. Pray for the logistics of the camp and that many non-Christian students would come.
  3. I'm working on the new YTL curriculum. It's an extremely slow and difficult process. I'm so busy with organizational "stuff" that it's very hard to find the time and the creative energy to this very important project. Pray for that. I'm wearing so many hats that it feels that it hurts the most important ones: developing new strategies, tools for the gospel in this changing missional space. 
  4. I'm leading our staff conference in August. Much to prepare for.
  5. We are designing a new YTL symposium for this fall for educators. Gigantic project.
  6. Family prayer-needs: Rahel has very difficult exams ahead (neuroscience, genetics, etc.); we need to start searching a college for Renato (we have no idea); Gergo might switch to an English-speaking school for next year (not decided yet); transitioning from my current leadership role, transition the responsibilities to the new leader at the end of this year and finalizing our new ministry role in Cru.