When discipleship happens

Jesus commanded us to make disciples. 

Many times we trade that command to something easier: building buildings, organizing events, holding meetings, etc.. Those are necessary of course, but do we really make disciples?
Look at the  picture above. You see foreign names and colors. For us these names are changed lives and the colors are  progress in discipleship. This picture represents our ministry's discipleship chain this spring. Let me give meanings to the different colors.
GREEN - means new believer, those young people who trusted Christ just a few weeks or max. a few months ago. Isn't this great how many green names you see on this chart?
YELLOW - means "remaining fruit; representing those believers who are established in their faith, they walk with God and are in discipleship groups.
ORANGE - means disciples; representing those students who are multiplying, they lead other students to Christ.
RED - means student leaders; representing those students who are leading multiplying disciples.
Making disciples is HARD WORK. It requires lot of personal attention, individualized planning, intentional preparations, organized team work, innovative evangelism, intuitive shepherding, bold networking, systematic procedures, ongoing biblical staff development, organizational structures, devoted leadership and I could go on with a long list. But most importantly it requires believers to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and being passionate about obeying the Great Commission. Pray for our ongoing efforts as we pursue making disciples!
  • I've moved my mom to nursing home this past week. She is not in good health. She wanted to go in and actually it's easier for her, but this was a difficult moment for her and for us. Pray that she would adjust well.
  • I'm flying to the U.S. for a conference on May 9th and will be gone until the 15th. Pray for effectiveness.
  • Rahel is having her very difficult exams this month. Prayers are appreciated.
  • We are working on getting ready to "SpeakOut camp". We are planning to send a group to Ukraine, to Albania and one to Siofok (a town close to the base of the camp). Pray that many students would come to faith.
  • Many of our staff are raising support now. Pray that God would open up new doors and call people to join their ministry partner team.