National Day of Repentance

Calling our nation to face her sins

"Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; they have not exposed your iniquity to restore your fortunes..." - Lamentations 2:14.

Recently Edina and I had been deeply burdened by the sad state of our nation. 25 years ago, when the Iron Curtain came down, we all hoped that after so many decades of suffering under the nazi and later the communist regimes, finally there will be a real moral and spiritual change. We've seen miracles and thousands came to the Lord, but the moral decline, the spiritual darkness, the depression and the hopelessness of the people of Hungary grew to an ever low point. By now, it became clear to everybody that political change will not provide the most important change people long for: change of the spiritual climate.

Reading the passage above reveals a fundamental truth: change only will happen if we, as a nation are willing to face our own ugliness and sins, humble ourselves before the Lord and are seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. We - as a nation - have mastered on how to deny and silence our own sins or even boastfully elevate them in nationalistic pride making a virtue out of them. But certain unconfessed sins are not going away and are poisoning our nation generations after generations. 

Our nation actively participated in killing hundreds of thousands of our own citizens by sending them in to gas chambers. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians collaborated with the Soviets and were willing to oppress, betray or kill their own fellow Hungarians. And there were no consequences, matter fact, the former nazis and communists (or their descendants)  managed to take all the leading economical and political power by now. The church - with a few exception - either remained silent or actively took part in those ugly sins without ever revealing the names of those pastors, priests who were agents of these regimes or asking forgiveness. Antisemitism never left the country and is very rampant again. Corruption is everywhere. Poverty grew from 15% to 40% of the population. In the past 45 years we had 6.5 million abortions (population is 9.8 million). And we could go on and on making a long list of the sins our nation hides, denies or boastfully elevates.

The only way to break that evil cycle is if we confess our sins as a nation. Edina and I felt compelled by the Lord to do what Nehemiah did: call together believer to confess our nation's sins. We are now announcing a NATIONAL DAY OF REPENTANCE in Hungary on November 21st, 2015. We extend an invitation to anybody who wants to come and publicly name a sin of our nation bagging God's forgiveness and seeking the forgiveness of the victims. There needs to be a public apology declared from those who had been victimized by our nation. We need to break the silence of the past 80 years and name those sins. Without such reconciliation there will be no healing: the victims will be further victimized.

The world would be different if cities and nations would come together for a Day of Repentance every year to face their own realities and to seek reconciliation.

Please, be in prayer for us, as we pursue this vision and carry this burden. It's very risky, it can be viewed as an insult on our nation or we can be ridiculed. Regardless,we are obligated to call the nation to repentance because that's the only way to change her future.

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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