20 years ago today

"Mission Impossible"

YTL Spring Student Retreat - 10-12.04.2015

"Mission Impossible" was the topic of the Student Retreat we organized last weekend. 166 students came and spent this weekend with us to learn more about the mission Jesus gave us. As I gave the 3 lectures on this topic I recalled how impossible the mission Jesus gave us, how difficult the road we need to walk on and how unqualified we all are. But regardless of how impossible the journey is, we have a God who wants us to do the impossible. For Him the impossible is just another option. As I've shared many personal examples, one stood out to me from the dozens of miracles we've experienced on our journey. 20 years ago today, 13th of April, 1995 we've received one of the hardest news of our life that our daughter most likely will be born with some significant handicap. God turned that bad news into an unbelievable miracle, an overflowing joy and an uncomprehendable blessing. God deserves that we recall His miracles. Here you can read about that: https://gaborgresz.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/why-easter-is-so-emotional-to-us/

The Highlight of the YTL Student Retreat

It was a great blessing to encourage these young believers and to speak with many of them personally after the talks. But it was a special highlight for us to see Renato(our older son) to help lead worship and to share a personal story of how he has shared his faith with one of his friend, Jani, who used drugs and were hospitalized because of the attempt of committing suicide. As Renato shared the gospel with this guy and built a relationship with him, recently this young fellow said to him: "I really should convert and turn to God." Jani has not made a decision for Christ, but he is very close and spends more and more time among believers.

Your prayer matters!

Pray for the following speaking engagements, conferences, assignments - a busy spring and summer ahead!

  • April 20th - YTL Student Leaders dedication meeting, Gabor speaks
  • April 22-26 - National Team Leader's Conference
  • April 29 - all staff days that Gabor leads
  • May 11-15 - a trip to the U.S.
  • June 7 - training educators.
  • May-June - we try to repackage the whole YTL curriculum - 1000 pages!!!
  • July - SpeakOut 2015 summer camp
  • August 21-26 - National Staff Conference, Gabor speaks
  • September 11-13 - Gabor will be the keynote speaker at the National Baptist Conference.

Our Easter was especially blessed by Rahel being able to come home. She'll have some very difficult exams and would appreciate your prayers. We wont see her again until August :(.

We are more than grateful for your faithful partnership and prayers!!!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor for Edina and the kids