President of Leader Formation International,
Senior Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Ministries and Adjunct Professor of DMin Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

about our future direction:

I have just finished reading through your new direction and your vision statement.  What you wrote is challenging, exciting, more than demanding, sacrificial, beyond risk, and faith stretching.  It couldn't possibly be much more.

Your decision is well thought through with qualified counselors and a clear decision structure.  And you communicate it very well.

It's amazing what lurks in a man when Christ is in Him, and he will pay any price to be what Christ has called Him to be.  Who knew what was in you when you drove us to the airport on what I recall was a snowy morning after our time with the Eastern Europe team in January, 1996?  

You have fulfilled Christ's call to this point in your life and your passion is to fulfill it even more completely in the years to come.  And the Lord has given you a wife to match your dream and help you complete your vision.  You are a wonderful couple who now head into the unknown white water of God's will with its moments of still and peace, its rushing currents of out of control demands, and its sheer terror of the unknown.  Nothing could be more overwhelming or more rewarding.  

I am personally challenged by your courage, your passion, your commitment, and your willingness to risk all in Christ's purposes.  It may cost you all, but it will gain you eternal fruit, and nothing can match that.

I pray God's strengthening presence, God's empowering grace, and God's constant and continuing faithfulness in all  you do through the Holy Spirit.

God's best,