Letter from



to our partners about our new assignment

Dear Friends of Gabor and Edina and Partners in the Gospel,

A professor friend recently said, “God seems to be urbanizing the world. Do you think He has an agenda?” From the countryside and villages, over 5 million people migrate to cities every month! Yes, we do believe God is up to something! This represents an incredible opportunity for us in missions today.

When we talk about taking the Gospel to the “ends of the earth”, the urbanization of cities is redefining what this looks like. It requires us to think creatively and strategically, and it requires collaboration within the Body of Christ. It also requires expertise from people of all nations and all nationalities. In fact, the curriculum Gabor and Edina have been so critical in helping to develop, Youth at the Threshold of Life (YTL), is a perfect example of taking someone’s expertise and relevant approach and using it to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Gabor and Edina are critical to our mission to reach entire cities. Their knowledge and creative strategies in developing models of how we enter the education domain is invaluable and so necessary. I’m reminded of Luke 8:8 where one seed produces a crop one hundred fold. The principles and models they will be working on will be replicated in cities all across Europe and America. Producing a crop well over a hundred fold! Because of the day and age we live in, the things which are figured out in Warsaw, or London, or New York, or Kansas City, or Shanghai, can quickly have application to cities all around the globe.

This is quite a journey the Gresz family is embarking on. I would encourage you, if you are a prayer warrior, pray for them. If you are partners investing financially with them, not only would I ask you to keep giving, but spread the word and invite others to join with them. This family is worthy of your investment and the ministry they are doing is impacting lives literally all over the world.

2 Corinthians 5:20 says, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors” and this absolutely defines Gabor and Edina.  I no doubt believe what they are about to embark on will not only have an eternal impact on people’s lives in America but this will be of great benefit to the spiritual condition of all of Europe. Thank you for standing with them, praying for them, and financially investing in this Kingdom work they are doing.


Greg Lillestrand

Vice President, Cru