God is paving the road...

Gabor preaching in KC. Title "On the Other Side of Your Fears" from Mk 4:35-41. You can read that message  here.

Gabor preaching in KC. Title "On the Other Side of Your Fears" from Mk 4:35-41. You can read that message here.

Dear Praying Friends,
The past 6-7 weeks felt like a whirlwind in our life, yet at every turn we’ve experienced God’s provision, strength, comfort, confirmation and power! After we’ve turned over the leadership of CRU Hungary at the end of December we had been traveling and running around preparing the transition into our new ministry role from the fall of 2017 and our move to the U.S. this summer, most likely at the end of June. Between December 27th and now our life felt like a tornado:

  • we have traveled to 6 cities where Gabor preached several times;
  • we had to make two international trips;
  • we had over 50 appointments and meetings; 
  • we have transferred our legal status (insurance, tax, employment, bank accounts, retirement, etc.) to CRU USA from CRU Hungary;
  • we’ve found a great public high school for Gergo to go to from the fall (Olathe South High School, KC) and a Community College for Renato (we want him to move with us at least for his first year of college);
  • we’ve found a house to live in from the summer;
  • we’ve have helped the new National Director of CRU Hungary in several areas to pick up the baton;
  • Rahel had two interviews for MedSchools in Scotland.

Each of these above represent dozens of details that we had and have to deal with and pay attention to. Sometimes it truly felt overwhelming, but at each of those steps God did unbelievable miracles and walked before us, “leveled the exalted places, broke in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron” (Is 45:2) - just as He has promised to us 2 and a half years ago when we’ve excepted the challenge from the Vice President of CRU to take this new ministry responsibility and move to the U.S.

God can even use tragedies…

A few weeks ago there was a horrible accident of a Hungarian school bus. A group of high school students were traveling back from a ski-trip and the bus hit a pole causing 16 passenger to die, most of them were teenagers. Those kids were from a school where we have ministry with YTL. Edina has discipled a girl, named Sziszi for several years who happened to graduate from that school. Two years ago Sziszi decided that she doesn’t want to walk with God anymore. Sziszi knew several students and teachers who died on that bus. After this tragedy she has sent us a long message describing how desperate she is and how she needs our prayers. We’ve told her that we’ve never stoped praying for her and our heart is wide open for her. While this tragedy is extremely sad and painful, God has used this to force her on her knees realizing how fragile life is and that one day we all need to stand before our Creator.  

Petition for Andrew Brunson.

As you know, the husband of Edina’s cousin is still imprisoned in Turkey. Andrew Brunson is an American missionary for 23 years in Turkey and now he is falsely accused being part of an armed terrorist group. His files are sealed and nobody, not even the lawyers can look into it. He is in a desperate situation as he is sharing his room with 19 muslim criminals who are all praying 5 times a day to Allah and forcing him to convert. By signing this petition you can help to raise awareness of his situation: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/forgotten-american-turkey
They have 3 children, one is getting married and not sure he can be at the wedding ushering his daughter down the isle.   


  • This spring we would like to start the translation of the new YTL curriculum. It’s very hard to find a qualified translator to do translation from Hungarian into English. Pray for us to find the right person and to have the financial resources to do it. This project is critical for the future of YTL in the U.S. and globally, too. 
  • Gabor will be the keynote speaker at the bi-annual YTL student retreat this March. Pray for him as he prepares and delivers the messages.
  • Our international move comes with a lot of challenges and details. But most importantly please, pray that our kids, especially the two boys would handle this transition emotionally well and would quickly find friends. Saying good-bye will be very hard for all of us. Please, also pray for the grandparents that they would be in good health. A welcoming, friendly environment would greatly help our adjustment as we arrive. During this spring we will communicate more details of our move in June as we progress.

We can’t express how deeply we appreciate your love, care, help, prayers and support! Thank you for partnering with us as seek getting the gospel to the cities!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor & Edina
online giving: give.cru.org/0636800