Student Retreat : Leadership Conference : Board of Advisors

YTL Student Retreat : 4-6 November

Each semester we gather students who are involved in YTL at various level and want to grow in their faith. This semester about 150 students gathered to learn about "How to Study the Bible?". As we've explored with them the importance of diving deep into the depth of the Scripture we also had a chance to interact with them on many other topics. This was Gergo's (our youngest son) first student retreat as a regular participant. He also brought with him one of his classmate who is very close to the Lord and joined to one of our weekly Biblestudy group. It's awesome to see how God is using our kids to bring their classmates to the Lord. We saw that with Rahel first, then with Renato and now with Gergo.

Eastern Europe & Russia Cru Leadership Conference : 14-19 November

The leadership of Cru for 20 countries in Eastern Europe and Russia gathered for a week to learn from each other on how to further advance the gospel. Since Edina and I are serving the longest time (at least 5 years longer than any other director in that role, my nickname is "The Dinosaur") in the role of National Director and as we are turning the leadership over, we had an opportunity to share some devotional highlights from our journey. We chose the title "Seeing the back of God in the jungle of life" referring to the complexity of the many hard decisions we had to make and where only God's Word gave clarity and direction. You can read that devotional here.


Surprise from the Board of Advisors

The highlight for this fall for us was a surprise gathering the Board of Advisors of YTL/Cru Hungary organized to express their love and appreciation for the many years of leadership we gave. As we prepare for our new assignment with YTL to take it to a global level beyond Hungary (more details of that will come soon as we have more clarity) it was a special moment for our staff to recall the thousands of miracles we saw in the past 30 years. It was glorious!


Let us share now a few personal prayer-requests:

  1. Rahel is applying to med-school in the United Kingdom, continuing her studies there. Pray for success.
  2. Renato is applying for 4 different universities, most likely he will stay in Hungary. He wants to study arts, art-history, visual arts, design, studio arts, music as majors and business as minor. Pray for successful application and a clear direction.
  3. As the New YTL curriculum is published we want to get this into English. We have requests from China, Germany, England and the U.S. to take it, but first we need to find a qualified translator and financial resources. Pray for both.

We can't express how THANKFUL WE ARE FOR YOUR CONTINUED PARTNERSHIP and how much we depend on your sacrificial love, prayers and support! Thank you!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina