The program YTL, the Policy and the Presbyterian Church started, called "Contrast exhibition" had a big start in two major cities. In each city we held a press-conference and basically all the important media were present. Important government, political and religious leaders were speaking. It even made it to the evening news in the national television and there were many other reports showed in TVs and radios. In many of these interviews it is openly mentioned that the gospel is a part of this exhibition.

Thousands of Students are gathered every week

Students between ages of 14-18 in these cities are required to come to this exhibition as part of their classroom activities. But before that each school organizes a special seminar for them and we travel down to speak to these students on Why wait?. Also we train the educators - and give them reason why they should allow Christianity to be promoted and a Christian-based program, like YTL to be used in their classrooms. We had incredible discussions and saw great openness - they are so hopeless, they don't know what to do and how to deal with youth problems.

In a short two weeks we've already gave talks and opportunity to hear the gospel to 4,000 students and 300 educators. These events are organized by the schools and we just have to go there and speak. 

Opportunities generate more opportunities

Two universities offered us to teach courses in their universities and train campus students on YTL for credit!!! This means that they allow campus students to get credit to come to a class where they will hear the gospel!!! WOW! 1Cor 1:26-29 is truly become reality - God is using the fools, us...

Next year the government wants to take this exhibition nation-wide and bring it to Budapest. They'll provide the resources for the exhibition and we need to provide the speakers for the student's and educator's seminars! 

Also, we had been asked by the government to help develop a curriculum for schools to prepare kids for family life. We've developed a possible strategy of such program and that had been published and distributed by the government to every school already - in 5000 copies. On November 5th, we'll introduce this in a conference for professionals.