Significant & Tender Moments

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January had been full of significant and tender moments. Our team continues to expand geographically "The Changing Face of Evangelism & the Well-being of the City" conversational evangelistic training. 1,469 believers in 12 cities, in 7 States had been trained so far. (See the picture above.) It would be impossible to share the depth of all the significant moments of this month. Instead, we've decided to give snapshots of some of these moments through pictures with a brief summary.
In the last two pictures you'll see some of the tender moments of this month.


In Oklahoma City at the middle of January, at Take the Mountain, sponsored by our good friends and prayer warriors Paul & Elizabeth Dungan. Leaders came together to ask God to take the 7 Mountains of our culture: religion, family education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.


Gabor and Dave are working on contextualizing a training process that is successfully utilized by church-planters outside of the U.S. worldwide. We call it Sent 6:7 based on Acts 6:7: "the Word of God spread and the disciples multiplied". It is a training process to equip believers to initiate, build and multiply discipleship groups and faith communities. This is the first test-pilot group in the U.S. before we launch it through our 57 staff in 28 cities. More about Sent 6:7 here: 


We've recently joined a church-planting effort downtown KC. This past week we had an Elders Planning Retreat. Pictured here are the elders and their spouses of New Life CityChurch.


This is a group of special friends we have the privilege of leading in the past year weekly studying God's Word. We'll together dive into Sent 6:7 in the next couple of weeks.

Edina and Renato saying good-bye as Renato moves back to Hungary to start college in Budapest. We won't see him until the summer. 

Gergo and Rahel are saying good-bye as Rahel leaves after spending two weeks with us over Christmas. She continues her medical studies in Dundee, Scotland. We won't see her before mid July.