YTL in the U.S.


YTL in the U.S.

Dear Praying Friends,

25 years ago God opened the door in our post-communist Hungary to be able to saturate the education domain with the gospel through a program we’ve launched called “Youth at the Threshold of Life” (YTL). It’s utilized now in over 60 countries. The U.S. seemed to be a bit harder arena to break in, but God keeps opening doors and opportunities for us.

While we are waiting for the translation of the YTL curriculum to be finished by the end of this monthEdina had the passion to start locally a YTL club in a High School in KC as she always were leading girls in such settings in the past decades. Recently she contacted a school principal in a under-privileged neighborhood. A few days ago we had a chance to meet with this high school principal and he was very opened and wants us to start a YTL club for girls. It’s a very diverse school with lots of muslim families. If we get the final approval from the district superintendent, than Edina can start the first YTL club in a U.S. high school this month. This is very exciting while it’s greatly challenging!


When leaders are united, envisioned and committed…


God  is always up to something when He brings together leaders and unites them around the same cause. Between August 26-30 well-seasoned missionary leaders with decades of various ministry experiences joined us in KC to pray and plan about how to reach the 160 million Americans who are considering themselves post-Christians, and how to envision, equip and empower believers to saturate the cities of America with the gospel in word and deed. In a recent study we’ve found out that 84% of those who considers themselves non-religious are willing to engage in spiritual conversations.But there are too few who would initiate with them in a proper way. That is why one of our focus is on conversational evangelism training. ’The Changing Face of Evangelism & the Well-being of the City’  is a 4-hour-long, interactive, experiential training on how to start spiritual conversations in real-life situations. This school-year we are taking this training to 10 cities.

Significant moments to pray for…

  • Between Sep 4-7 and Sept 9-12 we meet with teams in KC and in Orlando to finalize, sharpen and digitize some of the most effective, simple evangelism and church multiplication tools Cru is using in 192 countries.
  • Sept 28-30 Gabor will be the keynote speaker at KC campus ministry’s student retreat. Many of the students will not be believers - pray that the gospel would be presented clearly and boldly through these talks.
  • Between Oct 20-30 Gabor will travel with Dave Robinson to East Asia to various cities to train pastors and missionaries on YTL, on church-planting, on evangelism and on leadership development
  • On November 17th, we’ll have the “Changing Face of Evangelism”training in Memphis at Harvest Church. (If you are at that region, we’ll let you know about the details later.)