Life in the City

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Dear Praying Friends,

Just briefly want to share some very exciting news while we are in the middle of the summer project in KC, called “In the City for the City”. 

Students from all over the U.S. came to serve a month with us to focus on city ministry. After the first 3 days of training we had our first outreach where we’ve utilized a tool developed by our team, called “Life in the City”. We went downtown KC and set up the banners. It was a HUGE success.

  • In 5 short hours 175 people were willing to stop by for at least 5-7 minutes and engage in a conversation with someone from our team. All these people had the chance to be heard and had been challenged about their beliefs.
  • 75 of those conversations were spiritual conversations.
  • 60 of them gave us their contact information and want to further discuss about their spiritual journey. (Each one is getting a call-back now.)

I never saw that in such a short time, so many people had a chance and was willing to engage in a personal (one-on-one) conversation in a meaningful way. (“Life in the City” is an interactive questionnaire utilizing art to raise awareness of city-problems while it provides a platform to initiate spiritual conversations. We train believers to use this during our “Changing Face of Evangelism” training.)