In the City for the City

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It is essential that we envision and equip believers to become everyday evangelist (through words and deeds) in the environment where they live, work and play. "In the City for the City" is a unique, stand-alone summer mission camp serving this purpose. It’s a city-immersion experience focusing on the gospel transformation of the city’s urban core. Every year students from different States come to KC  for a chance to be equipped for a lifetime of ministry in their city, their workplace, and their neighborhood. This is a summer mission that seeks to advance the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city. Together we learn how to minister to the the city partnering with the church, engaging in strategic evangelistic outreaches as we serve. This video will give you more insight of this camp: click here

This year we’ll host 36 students/staff in KC from different States who will dedicate 4 weeks of their life between May 27-June 21st, to help evangelistically saturate the city and to become equipped to continue this kind of city-focused ministry where they live, work and play.

What will we do?

  • we are partnering with 5 schools to provide mentoring programs for kids who are at risk
  • we will have special outreaches using arts, like “Story of the Soul” 
  • we’ll have various evangelistic outreaches utilizing creative approaches developed by our team, such as “Life in the City” survey, “Soularium”, etc.
  • we’ll lead a training course we’ve developed called “City Leadership Experience” to train participants on city gospel movements. 


Story 1: 

Becca came to “In the City for the City” mission camp last year from TX. This year she is coming back with a team. It's her saying:
“I was never sharing the gospel and loving on people that didn’t know God. So as I came to Kansas City the Lord broke those walls down, He destroyed my comfort zone as soon as I got here. I immediately was pushed into a situation where I shared the gospel on a street with a woman who was twice my age in a city that I literally been in two days. Throughout the summer I began to think of all of my classmates that I actually was not loving very well or my family members that knew Jesus but needed to be reminded of who he was . And the Lord began a sparkle change in my heart that made me go back to my own city of College Station to see everything differently I saw. All of my Christian friends were in the same boat that I was, we were talking about Jesus with each other, but we were stopping there. We weren’t talking about Jesus to people who genuinely need to know him.”

Story 2:

"I was paired with a 20 year old girl while tutoring in the schools. I noticed early on that she was missing something important. She told me on several occasions that she lacked hope and purpose for her life. I began to think that she may benefit from hearing my story.
I decided it might be cool to take her out to breakfast and get to know her better. We ate and discussed her journey to this point in life. She was the same age as me, working her way through school. She hated her current job. I asked her if she knew anything about God. She explained that because her mom was a Christian, she was one as well.
I explained how awesome that was, but I yearned for her to know what a relationship with Christ is founded on. I shared the gospel with her, which she interrupted several times with, "Really? That really happened?"
She expressed that she didn't really know Jesus, but felt like she needed Him. "I think I need to do that right now!"
We went out to my car, and she prayed and placed her faith in Jesus. She went from being my friend to my new sister in Christ!"

How To Pray?

  • Logistics of “In the City for the City” summer camp: housing for all the participants, traveling arrangements, organizing the outreaches, working with the schools, etc.
  • “Story of the Soul” outreach on June 10th - this will be one of our major outreach event. Pray for people to want to come and spend time to explore the longings and wounds of the soul through arts.
  • “First Friday” outreach on June 1st - this is a festival in the city where we will be present with interactive, conversational evangelistic tools to initiate gospel conversations.
  • Tutoring/mentoring programs we have for the schools.
  • After “In the City for the City” summer mission is over we will travel back to Hungary to serve at “SpeakOut” summer camp, fulfill several speaking assignments, meet with staff and family. We’ll be there from June 26th until August 4th.