"those who sow in tears..."

Dear Praying Friends,

A recent study showed that only 17% of the church-goers in the U.S. have heard the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20) and knows what it means. Our personal experience is that many believers want to share the gospel yet they don't know how, because they lack the skills or the confidence to initiate a spiritual conversation.

The Changing Face of Evangelism and The Well-being of the City is a PRACTICAL training developed and recently packaged by our team collecting simple, yet effective tools and best practices of conversational and comprehensive evangelism. These tools had been tested and proved in dozens of countries around the globe through our international partners. This training had been effectively held in many places in the U.S. God has provided resources for us to take this half-a-day-long, practical training to 10 citiesthis next school year. Our prayer is that this training would give the vision, the practical skills and the confidence to hundreds of believers to regularly engage in spiritual conversations with non-believers.

"Those who sow on tears..."

Several people have asked us how did we adjust to life in the U.S. Honestly, we didn't have a whole lot of time to lament over this as I had been on the road quite a lot (I'm writing from Memphis now). But every meeting we have and every situation we encounter with holds something new we learn. With learning comes not only new information, but a growing concern for the vastness of this mission field in the U.S. and for the hardness of the soil. This is by far the biggest missional challenge we've ever experienced! The Lord encouraged us recently with this passage: "Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!" Ps 126:5. God prepares a joyful harvest, but not without tearful sowing!


  • I'm on the road until April 26th - pray for health, safety and effectiveness.
  • Pray for the preparation of our summer project in KC, called "In the City for the City".
  • It's getting harder and harder for us that we don't see Rahel. We are thankful for where she is, yet we can't wait for August to come when she'll be home. She'll have difficult exams in the next month and she would your appreciate prayers.
  • God would lead us to new friends who would want to help our efforts by praying for us and by financially supporting us.