Bold Moves

I've arrived to Manila last Sunday feeling sick and many of you've been praying for my health which I greatly appreciate. I'm doing much better. The 32 hours long journey was not easy, but the trip completely worth it. The "Bold Moves"Conference for church multiplication and city gospel movement strategies has been exceptional. 230 leaders from 90 nations have been meeting. God is truly doing miraculous things around the world, millions are coming to faith as obedient believers are willing to take bold moves to multiply, to partner, to expand and to lead. Hundreds of thousands of churches are planted in the past 5 years through partnership and creative, bold, faithful moves of believers across the Globe. The simple, child-like faith of these believers is bearing it's beautiful fruit. Many of them are risking their life as they obey to the Lord. Where there is a cost of discipleship and that cost is paid by His followers, God is pouring out his blessings to expand the church and to reach people with the gospel. 

God's surprise: YTL from Jamaica to East Asia


Meet with Letetia from Jamaica. She has shared with me how they are using YTL (the program we've developed 25 years ago in Hungary) across their whole nation! She's asked us to go there and help train educators. Also, we met with a group of believers from East Asia who has shared with us that they are using YTL in their closed country and that gives them a platform to go in to schools and it provides a cover for them. They've also asked us to have a leadership training for them this fall. It's amazing to bump into stories after stories how God is using something we've started 25 years ago in the tiny country of Hungary to provide inroads and protection for his work globally! Keep praying for the translation of the newest YTL curriculum! YTL is needed globally and God is opening doors for us in the U.S.A. as well!


A Bold Move...

This is Tamadji from Chad. We've had a planning session together. He has shared that 6 months ago the churches in Chad were in such animosity against each other that they were burning down each other's building. Tamadji prayed for reconciliation and invited all major denominational leaders for a reconciliation meeting. That meeting brought repentance to the heart of the leaders and now they are working together to plant churches all over the country together.

Boldly Pray:

  • "Only ask and I will give you the nations" (Ps 2:8) Pray that God would give us our nation and that millions of believers would wake up for their call to become an ambassador for Christ.
  • Pray for partnerships across the Body of Christ. Pray that through working together we would have worldwide impact for His kingdom glory!  
  • Pray for courage to lead graciously, wisely and boldly.
  • Pray that we will intentionally develop our next generation leaders. 
  • Pray for God to give us a diverse group of qualified leaders as a new national team
  • Pray that our MC2 (church planting training) in NYC this March 18-22 will lead to hundreds of new churches being planted in the USA and help us to grow multiplying leaders.
  • AND a safe trip home. Our team leaves tomorrow from Manila to fly home to KC and NYC.