YTL in East Asia


Dear Praying Friends,

In 2004 and in 2006 we had the privilege to help launch YTL in East Asia.(YTL = Youth at the Threshold of Life is the educational program and curriculum that we’ve helped to develop in Hungary 25 years ago and is utilized now in 62 countries.) 14 years later, this October had the privilege to return and were greatly surprised to learn how God is still using this tool across the whole nation. Just in one small house-church we met with 5 who had been greatly influenced by this curriculum and had been widely using it (picture above). H. (can’t reveal her name for security reasons) said this: “I love YTL! I told everybody about YTL! Because this program just changed my life! I have thought YTL in at least 4 universities and school students and I’ve trained trainers. God has created this ministry and it blossoms in our country.”

During this trip we also had the privilege to influence church-planters and ordain pastors and elders. (For security reasons we can’t reveal more details.)

God is greatly using your partnership to advance His Kingdom not only within the borders of this country, but way beyond it!


Evangelism Trainings next week

In two cities our team will host The Changing Face of Evangelism and the Well-being of the City conversational evangelism training. In Memphis Edina and I will lead a training on Nov 17th. We are thankful that already 154 people signed up for this 3-hours-long practical training. On the same day in KC the rest of the team will lead the same training in partnership with many churches and organizations. Pray that God would use these trainings to envision and equip believers to share their faith where they live, work and play.

Worth praying for:

- November 17th evangelism trainings in Memphis and in KC.

- Rahel is sick with pneumonia. These are times when it’s specially hard that we live on different Continents and that there is no family around her to help her. Pray for quick recovery for her.

- We are joining a downtown church planting effort to become more involved as local practitioners aside of our national responsibilities. This is exciting and very demanding, too.