Living in a Historic Moment


The Age of Identity Crises

On the last weekend of September we spent 3 days at a student retreat where Gabor gave 3 talks on ‘Identity’. About 130 students came from various universities, some of them were not believers. ‘Identity’ is a hot topic today among students - seems like they are desperately searching their own, but our culture only offers false answers by creating ‘identity-categories’ such as sexual, racial, social, national identity. Gabor in his talks focused on 3 things: 1. In our broken world, our identity is broken; through his own personal story he shared how our true identity can be found regardless if we are coming from an abusive and broken home; 2. Our true identity is that we are the ‘image of God’ and that we were created to make God ‘recognizable’ in this universe (that’s the function of an image); 3. How we can walk in our true identity (as images of God) if we embrace God’s redemption and restoration. During the weekend 2 students made a decision to embrace God’s redemption and invited Jesus into their life to renew the broken 'image of God' in them.


"Innovation Sprint"

In the middle of September we’ve spent days with a team of enthusiastic and young staff who helped us to improve some of the evangelistic tools our team has developed and used for many years. One is called‘Story of the Soul’which is a group-outreach utilized in over 25 countries. The other is‘Life in the City’questionnaire that is a conversation-starter which we’ve used with great success. The goal of this meeting (called ‘Innovation Sprint’) is to create strategies to make these tools more accessible for every believer. As a result of this ‘innovation sprint’ we will have digitized platforms for these tools and we will be able to make them available for anyone who wants to utilize them.


Living in a historic moment!

Did you know that in East Asia there are 170 million Christ-followers (more than in the U.S.)? The number of churches in Africa, in Asia, in Latin-America are rapidly growing - they estimate that by 2025 there could be 5 million new churches in those Continents. Yet, in the U.S. there is a significant decline as 2.5 million people leave the church year in year out. It doesn’t need to stay that way - God can change that, but He won’t do it without us. He wants to use every believer to bring the good news of Christ in a bold, clear, gracious way through words and deeds.Learn how you can do that!

Significant moments to pray for…

  • YTL Update - God opened the door for us to start YTL in a high school in KC at an underprivileged area. Finally, we got approval from the district superintendent and the school principal started to promote it in the school. Pray that we would have several students to sign up for this YTL group that Edina will lead. (The translation of the material is behind, but it’s in progress. It’s just a huge project.)

  • Oct 20-30 - Gabor will be traveling to East Asia to teach YTL in a university where 12 years ago we’ve helped launch YTL. Also, we’ll have the opportunity to help with church-planting-, evangelism- and leadership trainings.

  • November 17 - In TWO cities our team will train ’The Changing Face of Evangelism’ training on the same day: in Memphis and in Kansas City. We will lead the Memphis training and the rest of the team will lead the KC training since it’s on the same day. God keeps opening doors in many other cities for our team to mobilize believers to do evangelism (St. Louis, Dallas, Wichita, L.A., Atlanta, NYC, Raleigh, Omaha, etc.).

  • There are multiple projects, trainings, speaking assignments, team-development, etc. issues that brings tremendous complexity to our life. Prayer, focus and balance is something we need you to pray for.

  • Your continuous prayer for our family is greatly appreciated, much is happening that brings challenges and ongoing change to our life. More about that area later.

God is at work! There is no greater reward than joining Him at His work! Thank you for partnering with us through prayer and support!