Repairing the broken walls


As we get immersed more and more into the reality of the American culture we are learning not just how overall the USA is an overwhelming and growing mission field, but locally we face some brutal realities, too.  There are lot of “broken walls” crying to be repaired (Is 58:12). The city where we are located, Kansas City is the 6th most deadliest city by murder rates (#1 St. Louis, #7 is Memphis, #8 is Chicago) and it is in the top 5 cities regarding sex-trafficking. So whatever time we have beside of our national ministry focus, we love pouring into locally either through mentoring programs in schools, through leading a discipleship group in our church, through preaching at a partnering church-plant downtown KC (see picture above) or through speaking at student events at the campus ministry gathering. This Saturday Gabor will deliver a talk on a very challenging topic to campus students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City: “God’s purpose with the different cultures: How should we live in a culturally, racially, socially and economically divided world?” Pray for his preparation!

YTL translation in progress

If you just want to see what’s in the YTL curriculum, you can download the TOC by clicking here. It might give you a hint why it takes such a long time to get this into English. As you look through it you’ll find how many topics are covered in that curriculum. Keep praying for the translation!

Can God use the internet? Rachel’s story tells so.

That’s a question we’ve struggled with even back in Hungary until we’ve launched a digital strategy about 6 years ago and saw the surprising fruit of it. One strategy we utilize as we focus on multiplying church and city gospel movements in North America is how to maximize the potential the internet provides. An adjunct member of our national team is leading this effort and the results are amazing. Rachel Fatyanov’s story is one out of the many to show that:
“I struggled with a lot of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and moodiness during and immediately after my college years. When I felt I had reached my threshold of emotional suffering, I drove into countless self-help articles on happiness, Buddhism/Zen, yoga, and I dabbled in New Age and occult practices – reading books, daily horoscopes, visiting psychics, palm-readers, exploring meditation, and crystal/energy healing. I just wanted to know, like many do, "What do I do with my life?!" All the while I believed God existed, but replacing the name of God with "Universe" felt so much easier.
"The last straw was when I paid nearly $200 for an online chakra healing program that PROMISED happiness, forever. I was alone in my room on the computer, desperately awaiting the live introductory seminar that I "couldn't miss." A 10-second countdown began, and suddenly, so clearly in my heart I heard, "You don't need this, turn off the computer." And I closed the laptop within the last few seconds.
"So now what?" I asked myself. I came across through a Google search on Jesus. For the first time, I understood what Jesus was offering me and felt so invited to be in a relationship with Him. I was really excited, knowing my desperate search for healing and happiness was over, and that I could be covered in His love.
"I prayed a prayer of salvation on my knees in my room. After finally surrendering and letting God in, He has been at work in every area of my life ever since.
Ever since coming to know God through Jesus Christ, I realized that He has already revealed to us everything we need to know, and it's in His Word - the Bible.
I cannot imagine my life without God - He is my heavenly father who meets my needs, a comforter who hears my every cry, an advocate who fights my battles, a wise friend who guides my every step, and so much more.”

Our kids cuddling before we see each other again in August.

Our kids cuddling before we see each other again in August.

How to Pray for us?

  1. We’ve enjoyed having Rahel home for Christmas! Pray for her safety as she is so far away in Scotland. 
  2. We’ll both attend to Cru’s Cityscape 2018 conference from February 19-23. Gergo will be home with some supervision. Pray for health and safety both for him and for us as we travel.
  3. A day after we get home, Gabor will travel to Manila, Philippines between February 24-March 3rd to the Global Church Movement conference. Pray for safety and energy.
  4. Between March 18-22 we will organize a church-planting training in NYC. 
  5. In between all those ministry trips and responsibilities we have to focus on finding new ministry partners who will join our team by supporting our ministry financially. For this purpose Gabor is planning make the following trips:
  • February 9-14 - Memphis
  • March 7-13 - Franklin, TN.
  • April 5-10 - Atlanta 
  • April 16-22 - Memphis

Advancing the Kingdom of God together

Gabor and Edina