"What is life gonna look like after I obey?"


"What is life gonna look like after I obey to God's command?"—a question probably occupied Abraham's heart as he followed God's command to leave his home and later to sacrifice the dearest to him. “How will we live in a foreign land? How will we live without the son who was promised to us?” We all know the end of the story, but when the command was given, Abraham didn't know it.
That question occupied our and our children's hearts and minds and it is amplified in these months while we are going through the details and insecurities of our transition. Our hope is strong, but God is stronger who writes his love story sometimes through storms. 

The month of May can be characterized with one word: monumental (probably because we have not lived through June yet :). Edina and I've spent 12 days in CRU's headquarters in Orlando going through some training. The best part was to meet with some wonderful, dedicated people who are following the Lord at all cost. (The pictures above are taken with some of them - each picture is a wonderful story of God’s redeeming work.) 
    After finishing the training Edina flew back to Hungary while I headed to Kansas City to prepare the details of our move. God has provided a place for us to live. We are thankful that we have a safe place to arrive to on June 20th. The amount of details that had to be and still needs to be done is monumental. Studies shows that international move is among the top 5 most stressful things in life.


While I was in Kansas City staying with our dear friends, Dave and Karen Robinson (with whom we co-authored YTL and served together 18 years in Hungary and now we are going to serve together again in a broader capacity), Dave and I had an opportunity to introduce YTL in two schools in Missouri. On the two pictures on the bottom left you see Dave and I with those two site coordinators who are door openers in those schools. As they've heard what YTL is about and how many countries are using it, they immediately opened opportunities for us to start teaching it from the fall. YTL had been taught in 62 countries and from this fall the U.S. is gonna be the 63rd. Leading YTL is only gonna be a portion of our broader ministry focus, but an important one. We can't reach the cities without serving and touching it's most influential infrastructures: the education domain.


So much more to tell about the incredible doors God is already opening for the gospel in our new ministry assignment. We are joining to a phenomenal team of 45 seasoned missionaries serving in 23 cities. We've created a great website to explain in details of our focus, and the strategies/tools we are utilizing. Also at this website you can see all the locations we are serving and helping to lead. Take a moment and visit: cityleadershipnetworks.com. We’ll share more details in our future letters and emails.
I'm writing this letter while I'm flying back to Hungary. The day after I get home the movers will empty our house, then we move to a friend's house for 3 weeks. Our two boys will graduate, our daughter will come "home" and than we will fly together to KC. 
Pray for our family that emotionally we would stay strong as we say goodbye and arrive to a new, empty home (3-4 weeks we will be without furniture). So much more to tell, but more importantly so much more to pray for!

We are thankful that you are “partakers with us in the defense and confirmation of the gospel” (Phil 1:7).

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

 Gabor & Edina for the kids