Decades in one moment

We’ve closed a week of an evangelistic blitz among high school students with a week-end-long YTL Student Retreat between March 17-19. It was a surreal moment for us to stand there and deliver our good-bye messages. In 1984 (still under communism) it was less then 5 of us students who first got involved in this ministry. (Of the original 5 only us are still around.) Over the decades we’ve seen thousands coming to faith and hundreds growing up into Christ-like laborers.


Speaking to this youngest generation of students in YTL were unique and emotional. I choose to speak on the “Walking the Narrow Path: what does it take to walk faithfully toward God when most everybody around you choose the easy road?” I’ve shared how the only thing that will keep them going is if they fell in love with the beauty of Jesus and they constantly renew their mind about who really God is and what He did for us! Doing this will help them overcome their doubts, theirs fears and their pain over the losses, and will enable them to leave behind what they need to, to deny themselves and to pick up their cross.

Decades come alive in one moment

The highlight of the weekend was to see decades of our ministry and life coming alive in one student’s testimony. Hajcsi (15 years old) was sharing how God encouraged her through our Bible-study group to share her faith with an old lady in her neighborhoodThis 15 years old girl gave an evangelistic literature to this old lady and prayed for her. A few days later this lady died. She had an opportunity to be exposed to the good news because this 15 years old student was faithful. BUT what’s even more unique in this story is that Hajcsi’s mother was one of the student who came to know the Lord and was discipled through YTL in the mind 1990s. 20+ years later her daughter is also discipled by our ministry and is sharing her faith! What a privilege to see lives touched generations after generations! It couldn’t have happened without your constant, faithful, sacrificial partnership! We are convinced that what God is up to in the future through YTL and other ministries is going to expand that influence further to the cities of the U.S. and of the world.

Please, pray for:

  • the ENGLISH translation of the YTL curriculum. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE project and VERY IMPORTANT! We just got a letter from China from a professor in a university in Shanghai and they are waiting for this new YTL curriculum to be in English so they could translate it into mandarin and use it in their university!
  • all the details of our move (June 20th): renting our house in Hungary, selling cars, packing, moving, housing in the U.S., buying cars, etc.. - the list is overwhelmingly long.
  • our kids’ future: that they would have friends, community, schools, adjust to the culture, etc..
  • our health: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual strength as we lead our family through this.
  • our finances: we need resources not just to cover the extra costs of this move but to find more partners who would support our ministry on a regular basis.
  • our legal processes: we have to do a lot of legal closings in Hungary (tax, insurances, etc.) and a lot of legal openings in the U.S. (tax, insurances, driver’s license - yes, we will need to take a written test and a driving test - ugh, I’m so tempted to show them how Hungarians really drive :)
  • Edina and I as we have to travel in May to Orlando for a training for 12 days.

The magnitude of this change in our life forces us to draw ourselves ever closer to our magnificent God! Your friendship and partnership is more needed and thanked for than ever before!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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