Grasshopper or Giantkiller

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Vision Dinner - 10/20/17 - KC

Dear Praying Friends,

Facing the "giants" of our age comes with a personal challenge: are we going to be grasshoppers (Num 14:32) or giant-killers (1Sam 17:46ff)?

Gabor had the privilege and responsibility to address a group of 80 believers about the missional challenges of our age in the U.S. and talk about our unique responsibility and opportunity that comes along with those challenges. It is always difficult to address a group when you see yourself as an outsider. Although we might be considered as distant strangers, we are also grateful and concerned friends of the U.S. In a sense we are further down the road in Europe and if the trends in the U.S. continue and the number of people who leave the church keeps growing 4% each year, than in a few short years the majority of Americans will be considered unchurched and non-Christian. Our history in Europe proves, that leaving God will never remain a private act, it will have significant ripple effects. The challenges ahead of the church to stand firm and reach people for Christ is gigantic. We can face that challenge as "grasshoppers" (like the spies in Numbers 14) or as "giant-killers" (like David in 1Sam 17). To take down giants we need 3 things: 1. a big God, 2. a small stone and 3. bold, trusting risk-takers.
Perhaps you'll find it encouraging to watch Gabor's talk (16 minutes) here: 

Starting in Schools

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We've started to build relationships with schools, civic organizations, school district leaders and superintendents. There are already 3 schools who would like to utilize YTL once it's translation is completed.
While we work on that we also go in to schools and take part in mentoring programs. At the mentors' kickoff it was encouraging to hear the vision of Dr. Yolanda Cargile, superintendent (picture on the left) of Hickman Mills C-1 Schools District speaking on building resiliency together: "One day at a time, one child at a time makes a difference." Her own example is the living proof that. She grew up in a fatherless home, in poverty, in the same underprivileged school district of which she is the superintendent now. Having a personal mentor caring for her helped her break that cycle. In this 2-minute video a cute little girl explains the importance of volunteering as mentors in schools:


  • November 5-9 :: "The Changing Face of Evangelism". Our team in Kansas City will be hosting a very important evangelistic training for Cru City staff. About 40 staff will join us from 23 cities. We bring a staff even from Hungary to get trained on city evangelism.  Pray for us as we prepare for this training and as we deliver the content!
  • November 11-13 :: Gabor will be in Memphis. He will be preaching at Collierville Bible Church and also hope to meet with some potential partners for our ministry.
  • YTL translation - working hard on that, but it's an incredibly difficult job.
  • Adjustment - we are still just so, so new here and the learning curve is huge.


  • Gabor's mom has some significant health-challenges and she is facing a spinal surgery. She is in a home. It's very hard on us emotionally that she is not doing well.
  • Rahel is doing well. She found a church. Her studies are progressing well. 
  • Renato continues to seek his future, pray for clarity and direction for him.
  • Gergo found a great youth-group in a church and adjusting well in school.