Genuine Growth

Staff of YTL Hungary

Dear Praying Fiends,

We've had our annual staff conference at the end of August where all 54 of our full time long-term and short-term missionaries serving with YTL/Cru Hungary were together. As we were looking back to the many decades of the rich history of this ministry which goes way back to communism, I was lamenting about the growth and God's unbelievable grace. What a privilege we had to lead this group for over 12 years!What a privilege to see the incredible history, impact and growth this ministry had in Hungary and beyond the borders of our country.
When we look at the growth, the most important is not the organizational growth we saw in the past decades. It's not even the manpower growth that is the most important - which grew almost 3.5 times in the past 12 years. But the most important sign of genuine growth is the leadership growth.
As Edina and I are turning over the leadership of this ministry at the end of this year and we were looking around at the conference, we saw a new generation of leaders who are ready, who wants to step up and lead, who deserve the opportunity. We greatly grew in numbers, but the real growth is to see new leaders raised up and stepping into leadership responsibilities. Leadership growth only happens as we create space for the new generation to lead. The best we can do for the ministry in Hungary is to allow this new generation of leaders to embrace the mission and lead. As some of us, older leaders are stepping aside, we will be able to focus on new areas to establish, to go beyond the borders of our country and this way the whole impact of the ministry will grow. Let us introduce some of the new leaders for Cru Hungary.

The New National Director from January 1st, 2017.

Laci & Eni Baczynski is taking over my role as National Director for Cru, Hungary. We are serving together 20+ years. Laci proved himself in various leadership roles. He is a very talented leader who has a humble and godly spirit and is an excellent Bible teacher. We can't wait to see how God is going to use his gifts and talents to take this ministry to the next level. Watch this short video to get to know him. Laci and Eni are raising three children.

The new National Student Ministry Director from September 1st, 2016.

Gabi & Mara Madarasz (picture below) are taking over the leadership to lead the national student ministries as Laci (who had that responsibility) is stepping up to be the new National Director. They both are veteran staff and served in various leadership roles. Their genuine, kind spirit is greatly qualifying them to lead the largest segment of our ministry. Gabi and Mara are raising two children.

The new High School Ministry Director and Associate Director from September 1st, 2016.

Jeremy Merrilat (on the right) and Kisanna Budai (on the left) are taking over the leadership to lead the High School Ministry team from Csaba and Virag Balkus (in the middle). They already had been acting in the role in the past 6 months as they were appointed, but were only installed at the conference. They are doing a fabulous job. We are just thrilled to see how God is using them as both of our son are volunteering as students in the High School Ministry and Kisanna Budai discipled Rahel for 3 years.

The new SpeakOut Camp Director from September 1st, 2016.

Csaba and Caitlin Rakasz are taking over the leadership to lead our international summer camp, called SpeakOut which is present in 9 countries. Dan and Kelly Butts were faithfully leading and developing this for over 15 years now and we are happy to see this new generation raised up to take over that responsibility.

What's next?

Many years ago older leaders (mainly Dave Robinson) gave me the opportunity to step into leadership. His trust and faith in me, his prayers and help changed me. Because of his trust and because he was not holding onto his position I could experience God in a way I never could have without this leadership opportunity. I saw God doing things I wouldn't see without getting the opportunity to lead. God allowed me to have an impact way beyond what I deserve because of the opportunity that was given to me. Now, it's time for me to give this opportunity to the new generation. I helped to raise them up and I owe them this chance.
And while we're doing this, God expands their borders and ours, too as we are stepping into a new leadership role with Cru from the middle of 2017. Right now we are focusing on training the new leaders. From January 2017 we will help to make sure that the transition is smooth and we will prepare for our new role to take YTL beyond Hungary (more details will come later).

How to Pray for us?

  • Much to be thankful for: the growing staff team, the new leadership, the growing impact.
  • We want to get the new YTL curriculum into English (next time I'll give more details about that). We need to find resources to get that translated. That's gonna be important for our future ministry with Cru as now there is an open door in many countries. I got requests from China, from England, from Germany and from the U.S. to give them the English version. Huge project!
  • YTL Eductor's Symposium - October 14-15. We hope to host 150 educators who will hear a clear and bold gospel presentation as part of their ongoing educational training.
  • BHHP - Bringing to the Hungarian Harvest Project, October 9-17. 20-25 Americans will come and help evangelize high school and college students. We'll have two major outreaches.
  • The Installation Ceremony of the new National Director - December 12. This is a huge and important event as many of the important leaders from the whole evangelical community will be present along with Cru Area Leadership.
  • So much is going on with the transition and so much to pray for! Pray for health, strength, peace, support.

The blessing and success we see, the new generations that is raised up, the impact YTL had and has and the bright future for God's work is a huge reason for us to celebrate YOU! Your faithfulness, your prayers, your support, your friendship, your care, your love made and makes that possible! Thank you!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina