YTL in Shanghai & High School Outreach

Dear Praying Friends,

We are amazed how God keeps the door opened through YTL to share the gospel. We hope the following stories will encourage you!

Non-Christians open the door for the gospel.

The past month had been very busy (which one was not, right?). We were focusing a lot on the high school ministry to expand the evangelistic capacity of the team. In a blitz of two weeks we were speaking in front of 2000 high school students in their classrooms. The high point of that blitz was an evangelistic outreach for students. As a result of that we have 35 new students who wants to continue talking about Christ. (On the picture above you can see our weekly high school meeting.) Next week we'll have a special Teacher Appreciation Event for the educators allowing us to go in their classrooms and work with students. Yes, most of them are non-Christians and are welcoming us to their classrooms!!! That's exactly why YTL needs to go to other countries!

We really enjoy having a lot of students visiting our home. It's a challenge to feed a lot of teenagers, but a joy to see their life being impacted for Jesus. Last Saturday we had a special day, called "Purple Day". It's a day when students can learn about dating, biblical view of marriage and they can hear a lot of practical advice about relationship-building. About 120 students came. As a final program they go to different homes to have dinner. One of the student who came to our home is Akos. When we've asked him when did he became a believer, he said: "I didn't, yet." It is so great to see that non-Christian students feel safe to come and spend a full day with us, learning about biblical marriage and they want to continue learn more about Christ. That's exactly what we want to see happening through YTL! (Below are some pictures of some events at our home.)

YTL in Shanghai.

I've started to work on a website for YTL Global, so other countries could learn about YTL and connect to it. The website is basically a blank contact page - Recently I got an email from Shanghai, form an associate professor in a Shanghai University. He was requesting the YTL curriculum in English (not ready yet), writing this:

"Dear Gabor Gresz, It is my honor to communicate with you, who are the co-founder of YTL. Actually I used the YTL materialsl years ago. I really like this program. I am associate professor in social work and also an vice secretary of Shanghai Sunshine Youth Services. Personally I am doing a youth program, which the target clients could be the vulnerable youth. So I think the YTL maybe the good course for them."

There is so much potential and we are so busy! I'm just working long hours to rewrite the YTL curriculum. 1 out of the 3 volumes is ready. It's a massive work and much to go in order to finish. After that we will need to get this into English. Pray for strength, resources, time! 

Worth listening to:

Recently, Dr. Evan Parks, who is helping leaders to be equipped to lead recorded an interview with me on my leadership journey, titled: Boldness from Brokenness. Maybe it will be beneficial for you to listen to it here:

Need prayer for:

  1. Rewriting of the YTL curriculum project! Can't express the importance of that and how needy we are in this!
  2. YTL Student Retreat from April 22-24. Pray that many non-believer students would come.
  3. Staff Day on April 29th that I lead.
  4. All the organizational work that's on my shoulder: staff meetings, leadership meetings, problems to solve, etc..
  5. We are planning to be in the U.S. in July. We couldn't finalize our plans yet, we are waiting on so many other issues to be finalized. We never had a year when in April we didn't know how our summer will look like.
  6. SpeakOut Camp preparation. We are hosting hundreds of students!
  7. We are redesigning the YTL symposium for this fall. In October we'll have a totally new YTL educator's symposium. Educators already started registering to come.
  8. May 3-11, Edina and I'll be traveling to a conference and our boys will be with my mom. Pray, that none of them would break any of their body parts! (It just always happens when we are not home.)
  9. Rahel will have very difficult exams in May -9 or 10, I don't even understand the titles of what she studies, all I know it's hard! (She makes me look like I'm intelligent :)))

Seriously, we are so, so, so thankful for your friendship, support and love!!! We can't express how much we appreciate you! Thank you for being so faithful!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor for Edina and the kids
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