In the dark hour of terror

In the dark hour of terror...

The Brussel attack shocked Europe once again just few months after Paris. Our daughter living in London, which is one of the most obvious target for terrorists is forcing us on our knees more often for her security. Few months ago a student in her university had been arrested for preparing a terrorist attack on her campus. Our recent history of the growing number of terrorist attacks in Europe, in Turkey and in Africa are planting fear in all of us. Daily we face with the sheer terror of violence. Our leaders are failing to address the problems. We all have growing concerns for the future of our children in this changing world where we are unable to solve the problems we inherit onto them. As our world is heading to the hour of judgement, we as children of God need to remember and stand firm on the following truths: 

1. God controls history and we are secured even when this world drives us on our knees. We are in the most secure place in the loving hand of God. All of Heaven works everything for our good. Our security is not something we need to strive for, it's something we can stand on, it's granted to us in Christ.

2. Such an hour could prepare people's heart to mold and receive the gospel. When people loose control, experience pain, fear and insecurity, then there is a greater chance for their arrogant, prideful heart to be molded. Difficult moments like this can either force us on our knees or could lead us further away from God. We, as believers need to be ready to share the hope and the security we have in Christ. If we spread fear instead of spreading faith, we are no different then the world. 

3. Terror is unnatural, so it can't prevail. In the dark hour of terror we need to remember that terror is unnatural, so it cannot prevail even if forcibly for a time overtakes our life. But life is natural and will always reassert itself. Bonhoeffer expresses it this way: "There now begins a struggle between the unnatural and the natural, in which the unnatural may for a time forcibly prevail, for the unnatural consist essentially in organization, and the natural cannot be organized but is simply there. In the long run every organization collapses, and the natural endures and prevails by its own inherent strength; for life itself is on the side of the natural... As long as life continues, the natural will always reassert itself."

4. Prayer is our highest ability. For a long time I thought that the highest ability of language is poetry. I was wrong. The highest ability of language is prayer! Prayer connects our fallen, broken, painful, fearful, needy world with the perfect, eternal, holy, healthy Heaven. Prayer takes us from this reality to the transcendent reality of God. There is no greater ability and power for words then taking our broken reality into the healing presence of God. This power and ability is given to all of us and nobody can take it from us. We need to live in and live with the power of prayer!

Ministry Moments

Below you can see some pictures of some of the recent ministry events, outreaches, Biblestudies, YTL clubs we have. In the past two weeks we were in over 100 classrooms giving YTL talks and had a special high school outreach where 35 NEW students came who never had been at our weekly meeting.

Our world is hurting. Love boldly, pray humbly, rejoice relentlessly.

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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