Leadership Conference


National Team Leader's Conference.

I've spent 5 days in February at the annual National Team Leader's conference with 9 other countries' National Team Leaders and some other leaders from Cru Eastern Europe. It was encouraging to learn the many wonderful things God is doing in these countries. Also, it was very encouraging to see what a great job these young leaders are doing in their countries. In the past 12 years we had been a part of these conferences being in this leadership position the longest time among these national leaders. I've felt a bit like a "dinosaur" in the room being in my leadership position twice as long as the average in the room. It's confirmed with me that our plan to turn over the leadership at the end of 2016 is not just needed for the leadership growth in Hungary, but it's in alignment with where our international ministry is heading by providing leadership opportunities to the upcoming generations of leaders. This way we can broaden the leadership base and help secure the future of the ministry making sure that it's not dependent on one person.

The "Week of Marriage"

A week in Hungary in February is dedicated to marriage, called the "Week of Marriage". Churches and the media promotes the importance of marriage. This year Edina and I had been invited to be the keynote speakers in two churches to talk about marriage. We've enjoyed the opportunity to interact with many couples, share our story (both victories and mistakes) and lift up why it is critical to strengthen marriages.

Renato's surgery

We greatly appreciate your prayers for Renato's surgery. This time it was a very smooth procedure to remove the steel bar from his chest. It's pretty amazing how this steel rod below on this picture was installed across his chest, but for sure it gave him a lot of trouble in the past three years while it helped to fix his chest tremendously. We are thankful for the successful procedure and that this 3-years-long journey is over. 

Your prayers are much needed

The past year had been very demanding physically, emotionally and spiritually. We've probably never experienced such an intense spiritual battle as we experience now. But we've also never prayed as much as we are praying these months. Pray with us for the following:

  • Please, pray for good health (especially for Gabor as he struggles with some heart issues), for strong, supportive community around us.
  • Pray that we would be able to keep pursuing the vision God gave us to take YTL beyond the country and reach cities.
  • God gave us just amazing children who are so flexible and trusting in us and in God, but pray for their future, for their security, for their well-being. Our calling demands a lot from them, but gives them a lot, too.
  • Please, pray for God to provide for all the needs we have.
  • Pray, that our view of our loving, carrying, providing, almighty God would get stronger and stronger each day as we depend only on Him!

We can't express how grateful we are for your faithful love, prayers, care and support! Your partnership is meaningful beyond what you can imagine!!!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina

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