When passion is flared

Dear Praying Friends,

It was a Friday night. Edina and I had to travel to Kiskoros (a city where Edina spent some of her childhood) to speak at a conference for two days. We had a great opportunity to share Christ with many students. On the same day,Renato, in Budapest were speaking at a YTL outreach where several seeking students showed up and he was sharing who Christ is for him. Also, on the same day, Rahel, in London organized an outreach for her classmates (representing various nations) and shared her faith with them. (She is still meeting with some girls who has expressed a genuine interest and they further meet to read the Bible together.)  On that night, as we realized that our family were in 3 cities, in 2 countries yet we all did the same: shared Christ with non-believers, we felt overwhelmed by the blessing of God; that regardless our family being hundreds or even thousands of miles apart and borders might separate us, our children were doing what we were doing: sharing Christ with the lost! We were not there to tell them that they have to do this, we were not their to help them prepare for that, we were not there to plan this with them. It was their passion, their plan, their heart. We bless God for giving them a growing passion for His person and for His purposes. Pray with us that this passion would grow in them and would drive them.

A story worth listening to

Recently Dr. Evan Parks, a great expert on leadership development interviewed me. Listening to this personal and very vulnerable story of mine might encourage you to see how God's grace can overcome unimaginable hindrances and can heal our pains. Click here to hear this interview.

Prayer is everything

Tim Keller in his new book, titled prayer writes this: "Prayer is simply the key to everything we need to do and be in life." That's why your committed prayers are absolutely essential for our mission. Let us share with you a few important prayer-needs:

  • Renato's chest surgery is postponed to the 10th of February. Be in prayer for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. 
  • I'll be traveling to a conference to Croatia from February 4-9. So, I'll just get back the night before Renato's surgery. Pray for health and safe, not delayed travel.
  • Edina and I'll be the keynote speakers for two churches two days after Renato's surgery, on that whole weekend: February 12-14 while Edina have Biblestudy groups, too. That week is the week of marriage in the churches of Hungary and they've asked us to speak on that subject. When we said yes to this, Renato's surgery was scheduled in January, but now right after his surgery and Gabor being gone before, it will be a challenge.
  • There are so many other projects we are running parallel, that it's hard to share, but the most important is the re-writing of the YTL curriculum. Keep this process in your prayers, please!

We are thankful for your prayers, care and friendship!!!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor for Edina and the kids
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