Gabor speaking to 300 high school student me sharing his story

We are amazed that after 22 years YTL (Youth at the Threshold of Life) had been launched we still have tremendous open doors to present the gospel in high schools. At least this is the 5th high school generation that graduated during this time and the school system has significantly changed, yet, we still have an amazing opportunity to continually share the gospel.

Recently I (Gabor) had the opportunity to speak to all of the high school students in our youngest son’s school. They’ve asked us to start a YTL club and as an introduction to this opportunity, the school gathered all the high school students to hear from me. This was a great opportunity to share my personal testimony, how meeting with God healed my wounds I suffered growing up in an abusive home. The vast majority of these kids are coming from divorced homes. As I’ve shared my life with them, there was absolute silence and they’ve listened very carefully. As a result of this we have the support of the school to start a regular club for students this semester.

I had been thinking lately a lot why do we have such a favor with the world and openness to share our lives and the gospel with them? Beside seeing God’s special grace I found the following as door openers: 1. Loving them by genuinely caring for their pain open their hearts. We scratch where it itches. We touch their need without wanting to push our agenda. It’s easy to see why this would work, but it’s hard to do it well. 2. Speaking intelligently with meekness into their lives engages their minds. We need to become diligent students of our missional target. Throwing angry comments from a fear-driven, inferiority-filled, isolated corner never changed anybody. The gap between the world and the church is growing. Our mission to cross that gap has not changed. It’s our responsibility to go to the world and not theirs to come to the church. It can be done, otherwise it would never had been commanded to us - but indeed it was (Mt 28:18-20). And if it was commanded, than we will be required to give an account.

We are convinced that the model God gave us in YTL can be and should be taken to other parts of the world. Pray with us that what God has started 22 years ago in Hungary could be taken to other parts of the world, so that the mission God gave to us all would be further advanced beyond our borders.