Growing Numbers of Laborers

The Right Team

Annual Staff Conference 2015

Each year we start the ministry year by gathering all our full-time staff at the end of August for a few days to get refreshed in the Word, strengthen our fellowship and to create plans. We are just so thankful for each of the 44 people serving with Cru in Hungary (8 are not on the picture above). This year 3 new young people joined staff - one of them is the son of a former staff member!
The key moment at the conference was hearing from each other. We gave an opportunity to every staff to share their conviction about why they are serving with us. It was truly a refreshing time to hear each other's motivation and looking into our walk with God. This team is an outstanding team of people whose influence will be very significant!

The conference also provided a great opportunity for Edina and I to prepare the team for the leadership change that will happen at the end of 2016. After more than 12 years by that time being in this position, it will be time for me to turn over the leadership. This will provide a tremendous growth opportunity for the upcoming, qualified leaders - just as I had been greatly blessed and grew through this opportunity when I became the National Team Leader at age 37. The key to the ministry's future is how fast the leadership base can grow and not how long I can stay in this position. The only way to accelerate that growth is by providing adequate leadership opportunities. The ministry deserves this, our staff deserves this growth opportunity. (It might not surprise you, but many of our staff are way ahead in their maturity than I was at age 37 :). We still have enough time to prepare this change (16 months) and this conference really helped us to share some of the most fundamental spiritual and leadership principles we've learned throughout our exciting and challenging journey. Also, turning over the leadership will provide an opportunity for Edina and I to maximize our ministry and leadership experiences in our new, yet not fully clarified, ministry assignment in 2017. This represents a slight change in the timing of our original plans of turning over the leadership, but considering the complexity of our family and ministry needs, we've decided to extend our transition time. Only a moving ship can be directed.

Great Family Time

We've had some really great (crazy, too) family moments enjoying the rare opportunity Rahel being at home. One of the most memorable moment was the 5 days vacation together at a remote area in Hungary. We had many great, deep, spiritual discussions. I've asked our children to share what they think we, as a family share as values. The list they came up with by themselves, how they see our family and what kind of values they've experienced were so meaningful. Here is their list:

  • total acceptance
  • we are one
  • trust
  • you've involved us in everything
  • diligence
  • studying together
  • enthusiastic love
  • support
  • humor, not a boring family
  • communication
  • honesty, being real
  • openness
  • curiosity
  • self-development
  • helping others
  • love for the Word of God
  • living beyond our comfort zone

We couldn't be more! Many of you have shaped them to have that list in their hearts and mind. Thank you!

Your prayer works, please, continue!

  • September 1-14 - we are going to distribute 6,000 evangelistic Student Survival Kits to freshmen in Universities. Logistics are challenging. Follow up is even more challenging.
  • I'll be speaking at an important youth gathering on Sept 11 and 12. 
  • This semester we want to focus especially on staff development - several trainings are organized to enhance this process.

We are truly thankful for your faithful prayers and support.

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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