1 afternoon, 6 gospel-conversations, 6 results

Speak Out camp just started

Hundreds of students comes to hear the gospel

As each year in the past 22 years, this summer we've also organized the month-long "Speak Out" English camp with the help of almost 40 American students. This year we'll host about 300 non-Christian students who each will have an opportunity to hear the gospel and experience it as they spend a week living with Christian students under the same roof.
But this camp is also a DISCIPLESHIP CAMP for those students who are involved with YTL. As part of the discipleship training 4 afternoons a week we are going out to share Christ with young people in the city using different personal approach. This afternoon I went out with a Christian student and we've approached 3 different couples. 1 afternoon, 6 people, 6 gospel-converstaions and 6 different reactions

  1. The first couple was the 16 years old Alize and David. Our conversation was a very sad one as this young couple answered as we've asked them to describe their life in 3 words. Their answer was: disappointed, meaningless, tiring. They were full of hate and disappointment toward God and showed zero interest to discuss in depth the gospel. I felt horribly sorry for them as we said good-bye and gave them some gospel literature and my contact info.
  2. Our second opportunity was to approach two guys, the 17 years old Roland and Mate. They were very opened to discuss the meaning of Christianity. As we went deeper and I've shared the gospel with them, they both expressed that they think they are Christians. I've asked them how certain they are that they will be in Heaven, both answered confidently. But when I've asked them what is the base of their confidence, they both said that they are good people. From that I knew that they don't understand the gospel at all. I tried to assure them that they have false confidence and they should really revisit the basis of their faith. They also got some gospel literature and my contact info.
  3. The third conversation was the most interesting. The 23 years old Anett and David was sitting at a bench as we've approached them with our survey. He said he wouldn't want to know God personally, but she said if she could know Him, she sure would love to know God. As the conversation went into depth, she showed a genuine interest and asked good questions on how she can invite Christ into her life. I urged her to make a decision today and pray to invite Jesus into her life as her Savior and Lord. They also got some gospel literature and my contact information.

These 3 conversations with 6 people who never before had the opportunity to hear the gospel is just one simple description of the hundreds and thousands of gospel conversations our team will have this month during SpeakOut. Your prayers matters at the peak of this Spiritual battle!


As part of the "Speak Out" project we've sent a team of 4 to Ukraine to share the gospel with students there (not to the area impacted by the war). Our son, Renato is the youngest participant of that team and the only high school student. We are glad he bravely said yes to the challenge to be a part of the first ever Hungarian mission group sent from SpeakOut to Ukraine and he took ownership to raise the funding for it. Pray for their safety, health and also their effectiveness as they'll look for ways to share Christ.


  • Rahel finished her exams with "exceptionally good set of results" (all A or A+) as it's written by the leader of her department in a letter to her. Now she is working as a waitress during the summer and we wont see her before August. She needs to find a room to rent from the fall. Please, pray for that.
  • Students at "SpeakOut" camp would come to saving faith.
  • We'll have our annual Staff Conference in August and I'll be giving several teachings and leading the whole conference. Much wisdom is needed to prepare well for those talks.
  • I'm working on organizing the "National Repentance Day" in November. Pray, that other leaders would come on board. 
  • The big project of reworking the whole YTL curriculum is taking a tons of effort and time - more I wanted. Pray for effectiveness.
  • I have multiple speaking engagements in September, especially one is important where I'll speak at a National Conference for Baptist Youth on the 11th and 12th. 

Your prayers and support is vital and effective! Thankful is not the adequate word to describe how we feel!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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