When deep and wide impact meets

SpeakOut camp 2015 

When deep and wide impact happens at once

The month-long camp of SpeakOut ended yesterday. The 40+ American volunteers along with the 100 Hungarian volunteers celebrated last night the amazing things God did in the past 4 weeks. The gospel had been presented to over 1300 young people through personal conversation. The wide impact of the camp went beyond the borders of not just the city we had been located in, but also beyond the borders of Hungary. The most significant impact though is what has happened in the lives of students. 52 indicated a decision for Christ. The spiritual growth and the changed lives of those volunteers who came to the camp not knowing how to share their faith and now leaving the camp as equipped and envisioned evangelists represents the depth of the impact of these weeks.
Of course we've experienced real spiritual battle, too. One of our full-time missionary staff had been diagnosed with brain tumor while being at the camp, so he and his wife had to leave the camp for immediate treatment. Now they are waiting for a surgery that will take place this Wednesday. As of now, it looks like the tumor is benign, but please, be in prayer for them. Their name is Csaba and Virag.

Edina and her girls
On this picture you can see Edina with her Bible-study group. All these girls said yes to the challenge of being at SpeakOut camp and serve as volunteers, sharing their faith and helping in various ways at the camp. All of them grew a lot through this experience.

Renato with the "Ukranian team"
We've sent a team of 4 from SpeakOut to help with the SpeakOut camp in Ukraine. Renato was the youngest and only high school student in that team (on the right). It was a very challenging time as all of them were suffering from sickness, but had been a very fruitful and educational experience as well. We are so blessed to see how God is working in Renato's heart!


  • At the end of this week Rahel will come home - finally :) and will spend 4 weeks with us. She had been working during the summer in London in a restaurant. We are very much looking forward for the short time our family can spend together before she leaves again for starting the school. 
  • Between August 20-26 we are going to have our Annual Staff Conference. I'll be the speaker - pray that God would use that time to encourage the staff, renew our commitment and recapture our vision for the lost.
  • The fall is going to be - as usual - very busy. I'll be speaking at a national conference on Sept 11-12 - this requires a lot of preparation as well.

We give thanks daily for your faithful partnership, friendship, care, prayers and support! Thank you!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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