At the Core of YTL


Edina & her "girls"

Leading them to Christ and helping them to grow

On this picture above you can see Edina with the girls she is leading in Bible Study every week and discipling personally through personal appointments, going out sharing Christ together, helping them making the next faith step. Csepi, Vera, Szimi, Fruzsi, Sári, Zsófi and Steki are in their late teens or early 20s. They all are very new in their walk with God, but all are eager to learn more, committed to grow and have a lovely, teachable heart. Each of them are coming from various backgrounds, many of them are not supported by their parents in their newly found faith. One girl (Szimi) is coming from a very difficult and poor background so much so is regularly donating her blood to make money to pay herself getting a drivers-license. (The transplantation center pays for blood-donation in Hungary.) Please, pray for the spiritual growth of these girls. All of them are planning to come to YTL Summer Camp, called "SpeakOut" which we hope will provide a tremendous opportunity for their growth.

Rahel & her "girls"
Rahel (our daughter studying in London) had a great opportunity to share Christ recently with 20 students she invited to her dorm and prepared for them a Hungarian meal. As she shared Christ with them most of them were not very interested, but there are 3 girls, one from Vietnam, one from Lithuania and a muslim girl who are very much interested to learn more about Jesus. Rahel started a Bible Study for these girls. Pray that as they learn more about Jesus through the gospels, their eyes and hearts would be opened to accept Jesus. Pray for Rahel to have wisdom as she is trying to help introduce Christ to these girls. How thankful we are to see that both our daughter and our son, Renato is getting more and more passionate about sharing their life with the lost!!!

Much to pray for...

February had been a rough and busy month with Gabor being in the U.S. for a short two-weeks-long trip. March and April is even more intense, but exciting, too. Here are a few prayer-requests we badly need your prayers for:

  • March 7-14 - 32 (!) American High School kids just arrived and we are having a very intense high-school blitz where these kids will be speaking in classrooms. Each day of the week we will be in 6 classes in 17 schools. That means that our team will be in more than 500 (!) classrooms this week.The goal is to have the kids we meet in these classrooms to come this Friday night to our special evangelistic outreach!
  • March 24 - Gabor had been invited to speak at a University and lecture on the topic of "what does it mean to live your life as an adult". (They must assume I know the answer :)) Hopefully 120 students will be there.
  • April 10-12 - Spring Student Retreat. Gabor will be the keynote speaker on that event we have every semester for students involved in YTL. Pray for the preparation and for the delivery. 
  • We are repackaging and re-writing the whole YTL curriculum. It's an enormous, gigantic work as we are going through the 1000+ pages and adding new stuff as well as reworking some old. We also would like to see that material being translated into English by the end of the year. Pray for Gabor as the bulk of this work is on him.

There are so much more to pray for, that the list would be endless. Don't forget to pray for our spiritual, emotional and physical health as there are many adversaries ahead of us!

As always, we are praising God for you! Your ongoing, faithful, loving care, prayers and support helps us keep persevering!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together

Gabor and Edina
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