Proclaiming His Glory

Proclaiming His Glory!

Eastern Europe / Russia All Staff Conference

Dear Praying Friends,

Cru staff from all over the Eastern Europe / Russia region gathered in Turkey between January 16-23 to spend a week to learn from God's Word (prof D.A. Carson had been one of our keynote speaker), renew our commitment to Proclaim His Glory, to sharpen our skills by learning from each other new ideas / best practices and to rebuild bound in our community through enjoying the fellowship. Sitting in the old Roman theater in Aspendos (where centuries ago Christians were murdered and now it's under muslim territory) with over 900 of our colleagues from 20 countries added much to the theme of proclaiming God's glory thru the centuries and throughout the world. One highlight was having our Russian and Ukrainian Team Leaders up front praying for each other and for each other’s countries. The Russian staff asked God for forgiveness for all the evil that is happening before His eyes in Ukraine and prayed for mercy for Ukraine. God's Spirit heals the wounds and reconciles the enemies.

Another highlight of the conference was the staff-reward night when we remembered those who has reached a milestone in their missionary service. Dr. Steve Douglass, the President of Cru gave a charge for the senior staff and Gabor had the privilege to give a charge to the 300 new staff serving in our region.Renato's decision

Renato's decision

Recently we are observing some very encouraging and positive change in our middle son's, Renato's life and heart. He asked Gabor to baptize him in our church. We've not forced this, didn't even mention to him, because we wanted him to own this important milestone. It's such a blessing to see how important his relationship with God and sharing his faith became to him. He regularly shares Christ with his non-Christian friends, invites them to YTL High School events and actively participates in the ministry. He has a very unique, artistic, out-of-the-box, creative, deep-thinking personality and to see how his love for the Lord grows daily is a true joy!


  • Gabor will be in the U.S. between February 13-27 to meet with our partners - pray for a specially blessed time and for health for Edina and the boys.
  • Rahel has two friends in the university, one from Vietnam and the otherfrom Lithuania who are very much opened to hear more about God. She has shared the gospel with them and now they start a B.S. Pray that these girls would come to saving faith this semester.
  • We are rewriting the YTL curriculum. It's a gigantic project, because the 3 volumes of YTL curriculum is over 1000 pages. We have a thousand creative ideas how to make it better. Our goal is to have an interactive web-version and also - finally - we want to get this into English, so other countries could start using it.

Your friendship, love, prayers and support helps us through the challenges of ministry and life! We are thankful, blessed and honored to have you as our partners in ministry!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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