Behind the scenes

The success of the YTL (Youth at the Threshold of Life) ministry in the past 20+ years greatly depended on the quality of the YTL "products": the teacher's curriculum and the educator's symposium. These tools proved to be tremendous door-openers for the gospel in the schools. Thousands of educators have used the YTL curriculums and are still using them. 

Now it's time to do a major rewriting and rebuilding for the whole YTL educator's curriculum. We wanted to add the many lessons we've learned over the years in the classrooms and also wanted to make some necessary corrections and updates. We've started to rewrite and rework this 1000-pages-long, 3 volumes curriculum. This work is more massive and more time-consuming than I first assumed, but it is also very enjoyable and much needed. We know that rewriting this curriculum and translating it into English will open up many more doors not just in Hungary, but beyond our borders, too. (On the picture above you can see the Hungarian covers  of the 3 new YTL teacher's curriculums.)

In the ministry sometimes the most important things happen behind the scenes - it's true with this writing-project, too. This is how you can pray for us in this process:

  1. It's very hard to find quality time to focus on writing as the everyday life of leadership and ministry responsibilities interupt us. Pray for effectiveness and focused blocks of time. Hundreds of creative hours will need to be invested into this project.
  2. We would like to get the new YTL curriculums to the publisher by mid April.
  3. Pray that we would find a great translator who could get this into English.
  4. We are also working on a version that will be available online.
  5. We will also redesign the YTL educator's training symposium and hope to have one in October of 2016.

We are convinced that this updated, rebuilt, new version of the YTL curriculum will open up many new doors for the gospel even beyond our borders!

Personal prayer-requests:

  1. Rahel (20) is doing very well. We are thrilled to see how she has established a new community around her in a foreign culture, how she walks with God, how she is progessing in her studies. She is well established in her new culture. We couldn't be more thankful! Pray for her security in the jungle of London, especially with the growing awareness of terrorism. 
  2. Renato (17) had a challenging few months behind as we've learned he has ADD. We are very thankful for this new information as we are learning some new ways to help him getting more organized and structured. He has a tremendous heart for the lost and a brilliant way to think outside of the box.  He had been challenged with numerous health-issues over the years and is facing yet another surgery with his chest next semester.
  3. Gergo (13) is progressing well in school. He also has some significant health issues that we continually need to pay attention to. The most problematic is his spine  and it is not decided yet if he needs to wear a corset or not. 
  4. There are 3 graduating students who are applying to be missionaries with us. Pray, that God would lead us in this decision. It's exciting to see how each year we have 2-5 new staff joining this ministry.
  5. December 14-17 we will have a special staff development training for the full-time missionaries serving with us. This will mainly help us to maintain spiritual and emotional health in the ministry. Pray that this time would be very educational for all of us.
  6. In December of 2016 we are turning over the leadership of CRU Hungary to the new person God will select. What a great blessing to see that we have qualified and capable candidates! Pray for the selection process that we would recognize who God chooses to be the next leader.

We are thankful beyond what we can express for your faithful partnership!!!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina
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