Hungary's Moral Crisis

The Refugee Crisis is Hungary's Moral Crisis

The Refugee Crisis is not a political, economical or cultural crisis. It is a moral crisis. Hungary closed its borders with a dangerous iron curtain which has little knives that is able to cause serious injuries or even death. Such fence supposed to be built for prisoners not for children, women and men who crossed the sea risking their lives and walked days to find asylum. Our government made it illegal to help the refugees and threatens its own citizens with prison if we feed them or help them. 
After you watch this short, heartbreaking film, made by Samaritans Purse, you will understand more deeply the reality of the horror these asylum seekers are going through. God always comes close to the needyIf we want to find where God is in this refugee crisis, we need to go close to these asylum seekers. After you look into their eyes, you only can have one reaction: compassion! And your fear will disappear.
Our country and the Christendom in Hungary have failed in this moral crisis. This is the 5th time in the past 70 years the church failed morally in Hungary in a major way:

  1. Most Christians were silent in the 1940s, when our nation deported 600,000 Jews to concentration camps.
  2. The Church in Hungary - with a few exceptions - were collaborating with the communists between 1947-1989.
  3. After the fall of communism (1989-1990) the church kept her corrupt, communist leaders and pastors, didn't repent and faced her past sins.
  4. The church didn't stand up against the government in 2010-2011 when 300+ churches and religious orders (including us) were loosing their legal status due to a law that violates basic human rights.
  5. And now, the vast majority of the church is passively looking the sufferings of the refugees and many of the pastors, Christian leaders in Hungary speak against helping the refugees and welcomes the brutal treatment the government implemented against these asylum seekers.  Hungarian non-Christians did much more for the refugees than Hungarian Christians.

Regardless of the opposition from the government, this is what had been done by the small group of Christian and non-Christian volunteers to help the refugees:

  • 200,000 refugees had been fed purely by volunteers without any help from the government
  • Appr. $1 million dollars worth of humanitarian aid had been collected and distributed
  • 1,100 Arabic New Testament had been given out among the refugees.

Did you know that every year  about 6 million Muslims are converting to Christianity? Did you know that in Germany, out of 3 converts, 2 are former Muslims?

God is using this whole crisis for His purposes! And in the crisis there is a test for us personally, for us as a church and for us as a nation. When we fail a moral test, then we lose our integrity. Loosing integrity means loosing influence. The moral failure of Christendom in Hungary significantly undermines the power of the gospel.

God had been so gracious to my nation for so long giving so many opportunities to repent. I'm afraid His judgement is coming to our nation because how we continue to fail standing up for the truth and for the needy.

What an opportunity this is that God brought these nations to us so we could share Christ through loving actions and truthful words!

Don't forget to watch this short, very moving film!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor & Edina
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