The day that changed our life forever

The Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again." - George Santayana

There are days in your life you will never forget. Days that changes everything forever: a birth of a child, a death of a loved one, the day of your wedding or a day of significant hurt or joy.
November 9th, 1989 was a day that changed history and our life forever along with hundreds of millions of people who lived under communism.  Christians around the world prayed for 70 years for that day to come. God answered those prayers and history changed rapidly, unexpectedly and radically. I was 23. Never even dreamed that this day will arrive. The losses accumulated under that era are unrecoverable. Our family lost family-members, houses, wealth, jobs and future. Some of our relatives had been deported to the Soviet Gulag, had been hanged by the communist, had been imprisoned, had been raped by Russian soldiers. Some of our family-members had to flee from the country and run for their life. We never saw them again. Multiply that pain with hundreds of millions of times around this region. That pain left it's mark for generations. George Orwell said that "In the time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."  Many paid a horrible price for telling the Truth of the Gospel.That's the most revolutionary act as it heals the wounds and sets people free. The gospel left a significant mark in the past 25 years in this region. This short film will give you a glimpse of the significance of this historic moment:
The book "The Outrageous Promise" I co-authored with David Robinson tells even more about the healing power of the gospel in this wounded part of the world. God controls our story in HIStory.


Last weekend about 150 students came for the YTL retreat we organize twice a year to deepen their faith, learn more from the Word of God and to build fellowship.

Our son, Renato (picture on the left)was asked to be the MC, the host of the weekend. He did a fabulous job. It was a great opportunity for him to learn and grow. At the end of the weekend many students came forward and shared how God has changed their life, healed their wounded families or gave them hope for the future.


Edina and I had the privilege to travel to an international conference where 1500 Christian leaders were present. We've learned a lot about what God is doing around the world in cities. Tim Keller and others shared encouraging examples of how God wants and can change cities. 


On the way home from the U.S. we've stopped in London and visited Rahel. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with her and see her dorm, her university, where she buys groceries, etc. She loves her school, loves what she studies. A prayer-request: one of the student in her university had been arrested because he was preparing a terrorist attack. We are glad they got him, but we would appreciate your prayers for Rahel's safety in that multicultural mega-jungle. We are thankful that she found a great church-home and also joined to the Christian Union - a great student organization.

Thanksgiving approaching should direct our focus on the many blessings we can be thankful for! For us you are one of the blessing we are giving thanks to God for! Your prayers, love, friendship, care and faithful support compels us to give thanks to God and fulfill us with gratefulness to you!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina for the kids
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