When obedience takes you beyond your understanding


Unusual Means

Sometimes God is using means that challenges your understanding.

Did you ever wonder how sometimes God is acting outside of the box we have created for Him? The longer we are in ministry, the more of such experiences we have. Here is one of that experience: a little longer than a year ago we've launched an evangelistic website (everystudent.hu). It had been very broadly promoted through the net so much so that we have received 15,000+ different emails with questions generating many wonderful discussions and relationships. One of those emails was written by Balazs. Watch his amazing story (less then 3 minutes) how he has found Christ, got involved in a church and became our volunteer - it all started while he was surfing the net: http://youtu.be/mQ0wEPLRHts

Unusual Directions

Sometimes God is asking you to do things that challenges your understanding.

Jesus wanted to wash Peter's feet. (Jn 13:7-8) Peter didn't understand why. Jesus didn't feel the need to explain, to ask approval or to apologize for doing something in Peter's life he couldn't comprehend. Understanding is promised only after obedience- "later you will understand". We don't need to understand everything in order to be obedient to Jesus. We, too, have a long list of those things in our journey that we don't understand why God did it that way. But even those things that didn't make sense looking ahead of them, after time, as we have looked back gained meaning and filled our hearts with worship! Occasionally God brings our lives to crossroads where the well-known and long-walked road ends and a new road starts that we've not walked yet. Those moments are precious because when you can't see the road, than you can only focus on the One who goes before you. We know that our journey is taking us to a fork soon. Our crossroad will mean that we will turn over the leadership of the Hungarian Cru ministry sometimes in the next 12 months or so. As we get closer to that crossroad in our life, we want you to be a huge part of that journey! A new road is awaiting for us in the ministry that potentially takes YTL beyond our borders. We are very excited about it! We will need your prayers big time! We will let you know as we have more and more details and clarity about that crossroad. Until that you can read more thoughts about the nature of this journey in my recent devotional.

Family news:


Ráhel home for Christmas

The highlight of this Christmas season was that Ráhel could come home from London and spent two weeks with us. Although she mainly spent her time studying because her exams are right now, it was still so wonderful to have the whole family together!



Gergo (our youngest, 12) is diagnosed with scheuermann disease. This means he will probably need to wear a corset for sevearl years (23 hours/day). Please, pray for quick healing and recovery. He really doesn't want to get corset, it's pretty hard for him emotionally.
January 16-23 we will be traveling (with our two boys) to Turkey to the Eastern Europe/Russia Area Cru Staff Conference. This is a tremendous opportunity to see old friends who serves around this region, hear great teachings from well-known speakers and enjoy the community. Over 1,000 missionaries will be together. Please, pray for safety and health.
3 new full-time missionaries are joining our ministry from February 1st.All 3 became believers through our ministry and we have discipled them in the past years. We are excited about them joining. Please, pray that they would be able to raise their support so they could start their ministry assignement soon.
I (Gabor) will be traveling to the U.S. from February 13-27th. We would like to use this opportunity to personally share our future direction with as many of our partners as possible. Please, pray that this time would be very effective!

We are thankful to have friends like you walking with us on the road He leads us!

Advancing the Kingdom of God together,

Gabor and Edina for the kids
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