“My heart has been wrecked…”


Dear Praying Friends,

Please pray for us as 34 gather from June 1-23 for In the City for the City summer mission in Kansas City. University students, emerging leaders and Cru staff come together for a city immersion experience that will alter everyone’s life. One student who formerly engaged with us in this mission said, “My heart has been wrecked, my world has been rocked, and I will never be the same.”

WATCH THIS 90 SEC VIDEO  to hear from Becca about her experience. You'll be inspired, we promise!
Our summer mission participants will interact with a coalition of city leaders from a variety of cultures and experience. These leaders are committed to multiplying church communities, authentic outreach, and the well-being of the greater Kansas City area. Together we will assist in summer school programming, work with urban ministries and churches, learn how to serve our city, engage with the arts, and initiate strategic evangelistic outreaches.
There are MANY other events, three of which are promoted in the picture below. It can serve as a prayer reminder. Thank you ahead of time for praying!

Evangelism works in our everyday life - story 2.

Dave Robinsons and I (Gabor) were flying home from a conference. At the airport a lady initiated a conversation with us. We've learned that she is from Colorado and a big supporter of abortion. As we've continued the discussion about the value of life, we were able to share the gospel with her in a non-threatening way. As I've shared my personal story of how God healed me from the abuse I've experienced in my childhood from my father, she teared up and started to share her personal experience. She has shared that her narcissistic mother is still manipulating and abusing her and sometimes she wishes that her mother would be dead. But when she feels this she is overwhelmed with tremendous guilt. She really opened up as we've discussed how Jesus really heals our wounds and restores our relationships and walked through some of the passages from the Bible. At the beginning of our conversation she was a total anti-Christian, pro-abortion person. At the end of our conversation she was in tears as we've prayed for her at the airport. The gospel is truly the GOOD NEWS and the HEALING for all kinds of person and for all kinds of brokenness. 

Paradigm Braker

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Acts 6:7: “...the Word of God spread, and the disciples multiplied” 

From Feb-Nov 2018 we developed a new curriculum for disciple-making - Sent 6:7. We’re grateful for the results of a few test pilots so far. Sent 6:7 is a process to equip people to initiate, build and multiply faith communities and disciple-making groups.This is vital for the vision of everyone knowing someone who truly follows Jesus. 
The men below just finished a 10-session SENT 6:7 training. At the end of the last session they were asked about the highlights of this training experience, and what their next steps were for applying it. Here’s what they said:

“The ‘My Story in One-Sentence' training has changed my witness. I’ve had two opportunities since then to share my faith. I feel prepared and confident.”  ~  Gary M.
“Since starting my group, my guys are inviting two of their colleagues to join us. I’ve so appreciated all the  tools. They’ve helped me train the guys. Particularly the Holy Spirit tool - in the GOD TOOL app – it’s been life changing.”   ~  Troy
“I now recognize the community God has given me. The Bless Every Home app has helped me to notice my neighbors. Now, as I pray for them, God is making me aware of them. I know He wants me to reach them.”   ~  Jason
“For 40 years, I’ve been taking. Now I’ve learned how to give back. The most helpful thing to me was understanding God has given me an oikos network. I love the transferability of the 3/3s method of disciple-making in Sent 6:7.”   ~  Gary McC
“I love this process and structure.”   ~  Tony
One church has decided to change their community groups to Sent 6:7  groups, 
making a commitment to add “mission” to its “worship and community” as a church.


Pray for us as we take this new, tested curriculum to our partners and friends nationally. *

Our goals: more living on mission – disciples who live the Prayer-Care-Share life-style – and to multiply faith communities that love our cities well.

PERSPECTIVE FOR PRAYER: Two Sent 6:7 groups (begun in January 2019) will multiply to 20 by the fall in KC alone. In NYC in 2018, one training led to two trainings (hosted in MPLS & Chicago). Now there are 19 new faith communities among Ethiopians in San Jose, Denver, Houston, Columbus & Atlanta.